Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In A Condominium

Published: 08th June 2010
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One of the best types of housing in the Philippines today are condominiums. Although houses are still a very popular type of housing in the Philippines, many Filipinos, particularly in Metro Manila, have chosen to live in a condominium unit rather than in a typical house.

The reason condominiums became very popular in the Philippines is because of the many benefits of living in it, such as with its location or amenities. However, according to many Filipinos, there are also several disadvantages of living in a condominium.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a condominium

According to many experts, the reason why the number of condo philippines have steadily grown in the Philippines is because of its many benefits that other types of housing, such as the typical house lacks. These benefits include:

Location - One of the most popular benefits of living in a condominium is its location. This is because most condominiums are found in either: quiet and peaceful location, which is what condominium complexes are known for; and/or within a major business or commercial district, which allowed its residents to live within walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplaces.
Maintainability - Another reason for condominiums' popularity is because of its maintainability. All condo philippines are known for their own maintenance personnel that ensures the livability of their condominium, from hallways to garages.
Security - All condominiums are also known for their high security. Buildings or complexes, condominiums ensures that their residents are safe from any harm, both environmental or human infliction.
Amenities - One of the many new popular features of condominiums are its amenities. Condominium complexes are known to provide amenities that allows their residents to freely and exclusively enjoy such as swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas like parks and playgrounds.

Other than its advantages, condominiums are also known for a few disadvantages. According to many Filipinos, particularly those that lives in a condominium, disadvantages of living in a condo unit includes:

Monthly fees - All condo philippines obligate their residents to pay a monthly (or yearly for some) fee. The cost usually depends from condominium to condominium. These fees are mostly used for the maintenance of the whole condominium, such as its amenities, as well as wages for its staff.
Rules and regulation - Other than the monthly fee, almost all condominiums have their own rules and regulations that residents should follow. These rules could range from mild to severe. Mild rules may involve disallowing pets inside the condominium's vicinity. Severe ones are those that regulates the number of occupants per unit as well as restricting children from their units.
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