Facts About The Types Of Housing In The Philippines

Published: 30th May 2010
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There are currently 4 types of housing in the Philippines. First are the typical house or more commonly known in the industry as the single-family home, the next are apartments, then townhouses, and then the recently added condominiums. Although there are other types of housing in the Philippines, these 4 are considered as some of the most recognized types of housing.

Although these types of housing have been in the market for many years, there are still several things that normal people doesn't know about these types of housing. So here are some simple and short facts about the types of housing popular in the Philippines today.

Houses are the basic type of housing in any country around the world. Although apartments, townhouses, and condominiums have recently became popular in the Philippines, owning a house is still one of the many goals of Filipinos in their lifetime. Part of what made houses popular is with its ownership.

According to Philippine real estate experts, houses are normally governed by owner occupancy or home ownership, a type of housing tenure which involves the ownership of a type of house and the land it sits on. The advantage of this type of housing tenure is that it gives its owners the the right to modify the building and land as they please. It also protects them from eviction.

Apartments are the most popular type of housing in the Philippines in terms of affordability. This is because rather than being bought, apartments are usually rented or leased to tenants, which allows Filipinos to have a suitable home without having to invest too much. There are several types of apartments today. One of the most popular are the studio type apartment.

According to Philippine real estate experts, the studio type is considered as the smallest type of apartment with the cheapest rents in any given area. However, other than the studio type apartment, new types of apartments have also been recently introduced such as the one/two/three bedroom apartments which are bigger and are usually found near business and commercial districts.

Townhouses became popular because of its luxurious lifestyle. However, the reason for its popularity is based on its size, which is usually the size of a house, though only more fashionable than a normal house. The difference, however, is with its ownership. The ownership that embodies townhouses are the same as those that governs condominiums.

Compared to other types of housing, condominiums have only been recently introduced in the Philippines. However, it quickly gained popularity because of is location as well as with its luxuries. Condominiums are similar to most apartments, which are usually found near or inside major business districts. The difference is that condominiums can provide a more permanent residence than apartments.

However, according to Philippine real estate experts, the type of ownership that governs condominiums as well as townhouses are different of those that governs houses. Condominiums are governed by commonhold or strata title, a type of ownership in which an apartment or house is assigned to an individual, but common areas such as hallways and elevators, are controlled by the homeowners' association.
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