Popular Types Of Houses In The Philippines

Published: 15th April 2010
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Other than the popular single-family detached home or commonly known as simple "house", many Filipinos have also come to consider buying or renting other types of Philippines homes. These includes the popular townhouses, apartments, and condominiums. So what made these other types of housing other than the usual house which has long been the most popular type of housing?

Townhouses is one of the oldest types of housing in the Philippines today. Townhouses in the past are usually found in urban areas in which rows of similar houses are easily found in many urban areas of the country. Townhouses nowadays are found not in urban areas, but in luxurious complexes complete with recreational areas such as swimming pools, gyms, parks and playground equipment.

Other than its luxurious lifestyle, some townhouses are also known to provide easy access to business and commercial districts. However, the only drawback of owning a townhouse is its cost, which could cost more than the typical house. But with functions and areas such as these, Filipinos with higher state of living have chosen to live in such a house.

Apartments have always been one of the most popular types of Philippines homes. The reason why is that families or individual people could easily find housing with apartments compared to other types of housing. This is because apartments are usually more affordable than townhouses and condominiums. Another popular feature of apartments is with its location.

Apartments in the Philippines today are usually found inside or near business and commercial districts, making it easier for residents to get to work while avoiding rush hour. The disadvantage, however, is that apartments doesn't usually give a sense of permanence. This is because apartments are usually rented or leased to tenants, while condominiums, houses, and townhouses offer a more permanent residence.

Condominiums are similar to apartments, which is also a type of multi-unit dwelling in which each unit is owned by an individual. The difference is that condominiums are usually bought by individual owners while apartments are rented or leased to tenants. In terms of advantages, condominiums have also been known for their benefits. However, compared to apartments, condominiums have also been known to provide the same luxury which is found with townhouses, such as its recreational areas.

Another advantage of condominiums is that these types of Philippines homes are also found in small footprints of a city, such as those found in Makati City. The small footprint of the townhouse allows it to be within walking or mass transit distance of business and industrial areas of the city, yet luxurious. The disadvantage is that some condominiums may cost more than houses while others many cost more than half the total amount of a whole house.For more information visit to our site at http://www.atayala.com.

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