Pros And Cons Of Owning A Condo Unit

Published: 01st June 2010
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Among the many types of housing in the Philippines, condominiums are considered as one of the most popular and in demand type of housing in the Philippines. Compared to houses, condominiums have become more and more popular in the market. What made it popular is because of four reasons, its location, maintainability, security, and amenities.

Advantages of condominiums
Location - One of the few reasons why condominiums became popular in first place. In past, condominiums are mostly found within a major business district, such as the many condominium Philippines found in Makati City. Because of this, residents are given the advantage of living within walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplaces. This advantage is still very popular among many condominiums.

Maintainability - Other than its location, condominium Philippines also became popular because of its maintainability. Compared to houses, condominiums are maintained by paid people, from hallways to staircases, from elevators to garage. They are also in-charge of maintaining a condominium's recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds.

Security - Another reason why condominiums became popular is because of their high security. Condominium buildings are constantly monitored by security personnel while condominium complexes are endlessly patrolled by security. They are also in-charge of making sure the residents are safe from harm such as fires.

Amenities - What made condominiums more popular in today's market is its amenities. Many of today's condominiums are known for their luxurious amenities that residents could freely enjoy. Part of this includes swimming pools, gyms, and other popular recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds.

Disadvantages of condominiums
Other than its advantages, there have also been several disadvantages of owning a condominium. One major disadvantage is its monthly fees.

Monthly fees - These fees are separate from electric bills and water bills. These fees are commonly used as means for maintaining every facilities found in the condominium. These fees are also used as wages for their maintenance personnel and security.

Rules and regulation - Another major disadvantage of condominiums are its rules and regulation. Condominiums are usually governed by rules in which residents are obligated to follow. One is the paying of monthly fees, while the other involves restring several elements to their condominium. Depending on the condominium Philippines, these restrictions can either be moderate or severe.
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